Friday, June 11, 2010

some photos for your viewing pleasure...

local market - Monday, Wednesday and Friday they have a market in the Marktplaats (marketplace) - full of fresh fruits, vegetables, plants, etc.  it's pretty amazing.
This is a house next to the Hauptschule that I mentioned in an earlier post.  Some of the students at the Hauptschule were responsible for renovating and remodeling this house which is used by some of the more severe children at the school (I believe their principal said there are about 10 students that are self-contained in this house.)
The students also designed and built an outdoor pizza oven.  Pretty cool, huh?

This is a picture of my 0,80 euro ice cream (that's 95 cents in US Dollars).  Its incredibly tasty - and I think I've had ice cream at least once a day since I've been here.  (Crystal - you'd LOVE IT!)

Just an artsy picture I took of the fountain that's in the courtyard at the Schloss Hohentubingen (Castle).

Another picture of the fountain - yes...that's all algae.  It's definitely not a fountain you want to stick your feet in by any means...

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  1. YAY ice cream! Yet another reason for me to visit Germany... ;)