Wednesday, June 16, 2010

fun thoughts...

Sorry it's been a while since I've posted anything.  Between Germany kicking Australia's butt in their first match of the World Cup and the 8 bajillion seminars I've been to every day - I have been too tired to post anything.  (NO lie - the other day I fell asleep at 4 pm and woke up again at 9 pm...ridiculous!)

So here's some more things that I've found to be especially interesting...enjoy if you will...

1. When I studied in Spain I fell in LOVE with the coffee.  I imagined it to be a similar experience here - not so much.  The coffee is really crappy.
2.  Watching the World Cup here is AMAZING.  When Germany won the other night - everyone marched down to the bridge and partied for hours.  It was crazy.  You would've thought Germany had won the whole darn thing...nope...just one game.
3.  Apple juice is incredibly popular here.  Not really sure why.
4.  Most schools have 15-20 minute breaks between classes.  When the break is over, the bell rings, and students go to their next lesson.  There aren't any tardies - I think its a great idea.
5.  Some school days in the Gymnasium (top-level high school) can last until 5:30.  Can you imagine teaching students until after 5:00??  CRAZY.
6.  There are very few administrators in the schools.  Usually one or two administrators, and usually they have teaching duties as well.  No technology person, librarian, guidance counselors, etc.  Only the basics.  In a sense, more money goes toward instruction - which is where you want it to go anyway, right?
7.  According to a recent study - 100% of students have access to mobile phones and computers, and 98% have access to the internet. 

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