Saturday, June 12, 2010

Albert Einstein Gymnasium

On Friday we visited a high school in the neighboring town of Reutlingen.  The Albert Einstein Gymnasium is a fairly medium sized school - about 1100 students - and many of the classes are taught in English.  We happened to come on the day when the students were having a "pep rally" to celebrate the World Cup.  Unlike pep rallies in the US - this was completely student run (no teachers were involved).  The students met in the foyer area of the building and then went out into the courtyard and cheered for the German national team.  Students wore various types of soccer attire for the day - many of them in uniforms other than German. I took a few photos while we were outside watching the students...enjoy...

Notice the many different colors.  Germany is black, red, and yellow.  You can also see France, Italy, and even Argentina.
Here's a Spanish flag.

These kids are very excited.  The kid in the middle has a bottle of something (I'm assuming root beer!).

The German students are VERY into their soccer (fussball).  The headmaster of the school said that they stole this "idea" (the idea of the pep rally) from the Americans (at least we can do something right!)

This boy was waving around his German flag for about 10 minutes.  Notice there's even a Didier Drogba fan (Drogba is considered one of the best soccer players and plays for the Cote d'Ivoire)

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