Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Gifted Class @ Gymnasium

This afternoon we had the opportunity to visit an extremely gifted class at the local Gymnasium (Gymnasium is the highest level of grade school students can be in.)  The students in this particular class have been given IQ tests and tested into the class.  Many of them travel from all over the area since it is the best gifted class around Tubingen.  The class we visited was a 5th grade class - so most of the kids were 9 and 10 years old.  There were 18 boys and 6 girls in the class.  Many of them are extremely ADHD - but because of their IQ are placed in this class. 

 Here's a picture of the kids - they were incredibly sweet and slightly rambunctious.  There is no air in their classroom - so it was HOT in there.  They were learning about the solar system when we arrived, and they were discussing how to make a model in the park nearby that was to scale.  It was neat - even though I don't understand German - to see how they went about coming up with ideas of how to make a scaled model of the solar system. 

The funniest part about these kids is the fact that they're not afraid to call each other out.  When one student was wrong about four or five other students shouted "FALSE" and then went about correcting the student.  Definitely not something we encourage in America - but these kids are so bright and competitive that I think it helps them to rise to the expectation and to be inquisitive so that they can be at the top of the class. 

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