Wednesday, June 2, 2010

One, Two, Three...

Here we go! In about three days I'll be hopping on a plane and flying to Germany. I've been to Europe a few times, but Germany was never on the itinerary. I'm incredibly excited, albeit a little nervous, to see this amazing country. This will be my first time going somewhere that [1.] I don't know anyone with whom I'm traveling and [2.] I don't know the language. For someone who's an extreme extrovert - those two things are HUGE...but I'm sure I'll be fine *fingers crossed*.

For those of you who aren't familiar with the trip - here's a little summary. I'm part of a group of 20 teachers from the United States who applied for and were chosen to participate in a three-week seminar through the Fulbright Commission in Berlin. The goal of the program is to provide opportunities for German and American teachers to exchange ideas through professional development, hands-on school practice, and individual school visits.

I'm also excited to partake in certain parts of the German culture - food and drink especially. The other great part is the fact that the World Cup is happening and I've heard Germans are NUTS about soccer (fussball). Hopefully no one will try to hurt me when I shout GO USA! while I'm out in the gasthaus.

I'm going to do my best to keep this blog updated while I'm in Germany but I'm making NO promises. So...stay tuned! :-)

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  1. first, I'm very glad that you made it there safe and sound. Second, I can't wait to hear more! Third, I looked around on the Fulbright website and discovered that there are elementary study abroad programs too. I had no idea! I saw that this year they had the option of India or Hungary and the Czech Republic. Oh my goodness! I'm so keeping my eyes open for the programs they offer next year. Keep us posted on all the details! :)